How To Get Involved In The Local Government

142 how to get involved locallyAs a citizen of the country and a resident of a particular state, it is your responsibility to get involved in the happenings of your society. Being involved in your local government does not mean you have to run for office. Being involved in a local government means being aware of the news and happenings around you.

How to get involved in the local government?

The first step you need to take is to register yourself to vote. It is the right of every citizen to vote. We all know that voting is the best way to get one’s opinion heard. By doing this you will be able to contribute in placing the right people in the right positions. Every single vote is important. Voting is also important since it helps to prevail democracy and if people did not participate in voting they will give the undeserving people a chance to hold a position in the office.

The next thing you should do is to identify and know your representatives. Start with the local representative. It is important that you are familiar with the people who represent you local municipality. And in cases that you are interested in joining the politics, it is best for you to build connections with these people. These people can help you get through the politics since they already have background and experiences in the world of politics. You also need to know important people like commissioners, board members and agencies that offer services like water, police and fire protection.

As a good citizen you also need to be concerned with all the happenings in your community. You need be aware of issues and problems especially those that concern the welfare of the people in the community. Be involved locally by volunteering as one of the peace maker officer in your community. This way you will be able to ensure that your community is safe and protected. Sometimes being involve in public affairs will feed you with valuable information.

As a citizen of a democratic country you are also entitled for freedom of speech. This means that you are allowed to speak and share your opinions regarding a certain matter. As you can notice these days, a lot of people use media and social networks to inform the public about their notions and opinions. Public opinions can greatly affect the government’s decisions and actions. Through these opinions, the government will be able to know the concerns of their people therefore they are able to act accordingly.

Being involved locally does not only mean helping the government to act accordingly but, by doing this you also help yourself and other people to improve their lives.

A Step Towards A Healthy Nation

044 helping nation become healthyA healthy nation can be viewed from different perspectives. We may take it literally or we may also think deeper about it. A healthy nation literally means that the citizens or the people living within that nation are physically healthy. There are no epidemic diseases or other illnesses that greatly affect the productivity of the people.

Healthy nation can also be viewed in a deeper sense. A nation can also be called a healthy nation if the people and the officials of the nation are politically motivated, no traces or incidences of corruption, cases of crimes are minimal and all the people are well disciplined to be productive.

So how are you going to help your nation to become healthy?

Taking it literally, you can help your nation become healthy by having a good and healthy lifestyle. If all the people within the nation are practicing healthy lifestyle then it is no impossible that the nation will be become healthy. To have a healthy lifestyle is easy to say but hard to maintain. Yes, it is indeed very hard for others to practice the habit of healthy lifestyle and change the way they live their life.

Healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy foods such as whole and real foods. Healthy eating habit means eating the right kind of food at the right time with the right amount. A healthy lifestyle also includes proper exercise or physical activity to keep your body active. Avoid cigarette smoking, alcoholic drinks and other addictions that are harmful to your body.

A healthy lifestyle also includes maintaining a clean environment. The simplest way to do this is to throw your garbage in proper places. Help you environment by reusing and recycling. Help promote healthy living by joining fun-runs, marathons and other events that are promoting healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, a nation can also be healthy in the sense of how the officials run the government and how the people respond their actions. Politics can also be played dirty. Corruption, graft and other anomalies are just few of what we call government illnesses. Proper implementation of the law and good governance are key to a healthier nation. The officials are not the sole responsible for making the nation healthy. People or ordinary citizens have duties and responsibilities keep their nation healthy. A good citizen can be reflected even in the slightest effort of abiding the laws and regulations of the company.

In fact there are many ways to help the nation become healthy. Whatever is your way, remember that the change starts within you.

Help Your Environment In Three Simple Ways

209 helping the enviromentThe impacts of climate change have been one of the most pressing concerns countries around the world have today. It is because the kinds of weather and climates we are used to become more unpredictable as one of the effects of climate change. One example of these impacts is global warming. This phenomenon refers to the rise in the Earth’s surface temperature. In fact, studies show that there was a rise of 0.8 degrees Celsius or 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit to the temperature of the world’s atmosphere. To put it simply, global warming has been the major cause of the rise in sea levels and the melting of the glaciers in the Arctic region.

Scientists and researchers believe that these alarming phenomena are results of harmful human activities like deforestation and burning fuels. Unpredictable weather conditions, imbalance in the ecosystem and also the rise of Earth’s temperature are loud, awakening calls for us to do something about our environments. Here are simple and easy-to-follow ways on helping the environment.


Conserve Energy And Water.

The energy and water that we use come from the environment. The substantial increase in the consumption of these resources has lead to problems and issues like scarcity and pollution. You can start by turning off all of your electrical appliances and equipments when not in use. Avoid keeping televisions and other electronic gadgets on standby mode as they are still consuming electricity. Make sure that you also remove their plug from the outlet as they are known to consume 25% of energy. As for your water consumption, turn the faucet off to avoid wastage and leaking of the water.



Plastics and other non-biodegradable materials take hundreds of years to decay. So, instead of directly throwing these things after one-time usage, why not recycle them into things that might be useful for your household. You can also turn over these plastics to junk shops for them to be the ones to recycle them for you.


Consider Joining Voluntary Activities That Care For The Environment.

Caring for the environment needs more than a step or two to be effective. If you have free time off work, you can also join activities that aim to help the environment. Examples of these are coastal clean-up drives, planting trees and even – the cleaning of your own backyards/ This is not only a form of helping your environment, but also a way of meeting new people who happen to share the same causes.

The Responsibility Of Promoting Health Awareness

137 health awarenessHealth refers to the condition of our physical, mental and social well-being. Awareness of it is being promoted all over the world, much more aggressively now in the twenty-first century than before. Each of us then should be aware of the health issues and concerns that are evident in our surroundings. We have to educate ourselves so that we will know what to do in the event that we are faced with some of these. Propagating health awareness should be our moral and social duty to each other to create a healthier world to live in.

Diet plans, training programs, health supplements and many more are common terms to us nowadays. We see advertisements for them on TV and the World Wide Web. More people are becoming health conscious and are more careful with what they eat and do. We are living healthier lifestyles by going on diets and going to fitness centers to workout. Our physical health has been given a lot of attention. On the contrary, caring for our mental health lacks the attention it needs. Mental health issues are also something we have to think about. There are thousands of people who are suffering from one type of mental illness or another and it is just as ordinary as any other disease. Depression is one of the common mental illnesses. A lot of people suffer from it and some even resort to committing suicide. Suicide rates are increasing every year and this is a serious problem that everyone must help in finding a solution for.

Just like charity, health awareness starts at home too. We should educate ourselves and educate our family members. We already have some basic knowledge about health and how should we take care of it during our school days. We can gain further knowledge by attending seminars, workshops, symposiums, etc. which discuss any topic revolving around health. Next is informing or sharing with other people what we know. We can use the Internet to do this, which is the popular medium of communication nowadays. We can have blogs, join online communities, post pictures and videos, etc.

It is our responsibility as individuals to have a deep understanding of our health and help in promoting health awareness. We should extend it to our family, friends, neighborhood, society, country and to the entire world. Education is our best weapon against ignorance. Through educating ourselves, we can be better prepared for whatever is coming our way.

What Can We Do To Help Change Health Globally

148 how to change health globallyWhen it comes to health, the world is actually suffering from different health issues. Most of these issues are results from human illegal activities and abuse of nature. But is there something that we can do to change health globally? If you would ask me I think my answer to that is YES! Since the cause of global illness is caused by humans that mean that we can also do something to change global health issues. Now, what can we do to help change health issues globally? Here are some of the things that we can do on how to change health globally.


Educate People About Healthy Lifestyle Worldwide

People of this modern generation should be reminded and educated again about healthy lifestyle. Because of the abundance and legalization of alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, people are abusing the use of it where they forget about the effect of these substances to their body. One of the most common cause of sickness is a result of the lifestyle of one individual has. Now, if people who are in health organizations like the WHO of the World Health Organization should be doing a campaign or hold a health conference in different parts of the world where they can educate people about how to change their unhealthy lifestyle to healthy lifestyle.


Help Clean Our Environment

Another way that we can do to help change health globally is by cleaning our environment. Could you imagine if all people are responsible in cleaning their environment? Could you imagine if we have a clean environment? Clean environment means healthy environment, if we have healthy environment, we would also live a healthy life. Bacteria and germs can’t survive and live in a clean environment. That’s why we need to be responsible enough in cleaning our environment.


Teach People About Self-discipline

One more thing is to teach people about self-discipline. Not all people have self-discipline that’s we have criminals, we have abusers, we have drug addicts, and we also have illegal settlers. But if all people have self-discipline, we won’t have problems with abuse, illegal activities, and law breaking citizen.


Stop Illegal Activities

There are a lot of people who became selfish for money. They don’t really care what would be the result of their actions as long as they can earn from it. Like for example illegal logging. Trees have great role in keeping balance in nature same with illegal fishing, illegal hunting, and so on…

If all of these factors will be implemented and things are in order, we won’t have any problem with global health problems. We need to work together to make things happen.

What Are The Ways To Become Healthy

010 ways to become healthyWhen it comes to becoming healthy, there are so many ways to do it. You might know some of it and you may be aware of it. Sometimes, we get sick because of the little things that we take for granted. Later we will be discussing what these little things that could make us sick are, if we don’t change it. These simple things are very important things with regards to being healthy. Or sometimes, these simple things are misunderstood like this first thing on my list.



Did you know that eating is one f the best ways to become healthy? Many people have misunderstood this. Eating should not be the cause of your health problems instead it should be the solution. Eating will only be bad if it’s unhealthy. But of course, there are many way to improve our eating habit. It’s a matter of food choice. If we the right of food, we won’t have any problems with our health. So, never skip any meals especially breakfast, because that is the most important meal of the day. Your stomach has been deprived overnight and you need to fill it in once you wake up to avoid developing stomach ulcers. The secret is to eat right type of food and only eat the right amount.


Always Wash Your Hands

Another way to become healthy is to wash your hands always, especially before and after eating. This is one of the very common things that we normally tend to forget. Remember that we use our hands to eat especially when we eat seafood and other finger foods. So, make sure that you always wash your hands to get rid of those germs and microorganisms off your hands.


Get Enough Sleep

You also need to get enough sleep; most of the times especially those working people don’t give much attention to their sleeping hours. What they don’t realize that if they don’t get enough sleep their body would weaken and susceptible to get sick. So, make sure that you get enough sleep at least 8 hours.


Start A Clean Living

You also need to start a clean living. You need to start de-cluttering your room, or your whole house. Try to get rid of the things that you are not using anymore. You also need to regularly clean your surroundings. Start to eat clean food like fresh food and not those processed food.

Now, I know that you might be thinking that I was right with these factors. Now that you know about these, try to improve your life by mastering these factors.

Taking Action About Your Health: Why Improve Your Health

140 taking action about your healthHave you ever sat down and pondered about how you live your life? Can you confidently say that you are living a healthy life? Or, is there something that you need to change to improve your life especially with regards to your health? Most of the time, we are not truly aware of what’s going on to our health, especially if we don’t go for a regular check-up. Mostly, we will just know that something is wrong in our body if we get sick like fever or cold. But they say that early detection can prevent serious illnesses to develop. That’s why we need to take action about our health so we won’t be suffering from unwanted health condition. One of the things that you should do that most people don’t give much attention is to go for a regular check-up. In most cases, we only see the doctor if we are already sick, and in most cases, from the time the doctor diagnose your condition it’s already severe. So, make it a habit to go for a regular check-up. This will keep you updated of your health status.

Now, why do you think you need to improve your health? Our health is the most important factor that we need to take care. If your health is affected, everything will also be affected like your work, your family, and etc. You won’t be able to do the things that you like to do because your body is too weak to do any task. Another factor is if you’re sick, this can put your life at risk. That’s why, never take your health for granted, you need to give time to check your health. Keeping your body healthy is very important. If you are healthy, you will be able to do all the things that you love to do. You can spend more quality time to people you care about.

There are actually many ways where you can improve your health. One is you need to improve your diet in case you are practicing unhealthy eating habit. Two, you need to get enough hours of sleep each day. Three, try to exercise to improve your energy level, improve your strength, burn calories, and become more active. Four, if you have any vices like smoking and drinking, get rid of them, it won’t do you any good. It will only cause sickness that can put your life at risk.

How To Make A Difference In Your City That Would Influence The Lives Of Others

062 how to make a difference in your cityIn all the cities around the world, one thing that can be the reason for residence to be happy is the quality of life they have. But of course, in every city we can’t avoid not to face any challenges. In every city there are challenges that residence need to deal and face like the economy and also the quality of life that the residence live. But mostly, the problems of the city are being handles by people who are in authority and who sit on the chair that takes the responsibilities of the city problem. But there are also people who want to do something to help but most of the time if you give your suggestion that may take time before the city board may take actions or if not they won’t even give importance to it. So, if you want to help the people in your city, there are actually many ways to do it. Here are my suggestions on how to make difference in your city that would influence the lives of others.


Hold A Feeding Program

One of the best things that you can do to make a difference in your city is to hold a feeding program. This is one of the best things that you can do personally to your city and I think that all you need to have is a permit from the city mayor for this program. Nobody will stop you from feeding the hungry and homeless. This is in fact a good deed that anyone desires to do. This will truly make a difference in your city. Because once the city mayor will see that the program is successful he may even support you in your next feeding schedule. There might be some good Samaritan that will donate money or food to help you feed the hungry and homeless.



Aside from feeding program, another great thing that you can do is promote education. You can hold an education program to those street children and homeless people. You can give them books to read. You can teach them how to write and read. You can also teach them a little bit of basic hygiene.


Run As Council Member

If you want to be a part of a big project or if you want to widen your connection and area you can actually run for council member in your city. By that you can impose your ideas and plans on how to help solve issues in your city.

There are actually so many ways to make a difference in your city you just need to know what it is and how to do it.

The Best Steps On How To Get Involved Locally

140 how to get involved locallyYou do not need to be a politician or someone who have the power to be involved locally. As a matter of fact there are some few things that you just need to learn so you can learn how to get involved locally. To begin with, you need to make yourself familiar with the people around you. Since, it is nearly impossible for you to be involved when you exclude yourself from those who are around you, you might as well as start this whole thing by knowing those people personally. You have to allot some time to get to know their names and their background. Now, you need to bear in mind that every person has a story to tell and you need to listen carefully.

Listening to their stories will allow you to see what’s within them. As a matter of fact, you may even learn new things as you listen to their stories. Soon enough, you will find yourself getting closer to these people. It is by loving these people that you will be able to serve them well enough. These are few of the things that you really need to consider because this can be a great start. Through this, you will surely have a wider perspective when it comes to serving other people most especially those that really need your help. You can gradually learn about what they really need and might find ways to address those concerns. This is better than merely assuming things out because at the end of the day you may never really address their concerns.

Furthermore, you may also need to ask help from those who have the means to help too. You can gather these people and talk to them about some projects that you can do together. You can just start doing some small projects which will eventually lead into something bigger and better. You will pretty soon realize that you become much involved with this kind of project than you have ever been. This truly is the best project you can ever come up with.

Lastly, learning how to get involved will not only benefit those people you help but more importantly it will help you. It can let you have a more fulfilled life that will surely be something you aimed for. You can even share these feelings with other people so they too can have these best feelings too.

How To Make Health Awareness Posters

Posters are a great way to raise health awareness to large groups of people. Posters can be posted around your community, in schools and even scanned and posted online. If you want to save money while making people aware of your cause, make your health awareness posters yourself.

Step 1: Open the word processing program on your computer. If the program has the option for a poster template, choose it.

Step 2: Choose a font and type the headline of your poster. Make the headline bigger than other parts of the poster and make it say something catchy about health awareness.

Step 3: Add images to your poster to make it stand out and make passersby want to read it. You can find photos on your computer’s clipart program or search for images online. Drag them around the poster to place them where you want them.

Step 4: Add important information about the health problems or diseased you are trying to raise awareness about. This information should be short and to the point. It should draw readers in and make them want to know more but not give them too much information or overwhelm them.

Step 5: Save your finished poster to your computer. This is necessary if you want to use it online or print it on several occasions.

Step 6: Choose your favorite paper and print the health poster. For best results, choose a light-colored paper or cardstock that will allow the print to show easily and will hold up when posted on bulletin boards or telephone posts.

Step 7: Upload your poster to various online websites such as Facebook, MySpace or anywhere else you feel people would see it. If you are a member of a forum or online community, use the poster as your avatar to ensure everyone sees it.

Helping Nation Become Healthy

Over 65 percent of the American population is considered overweight or obese. Nearly half of the population is living with heart disease, diabetes or cancer. Those are startling statistics, but fortunately, there are things that can be done to remedy these problems. Below are some tips on helping nation become healthy:

Make nutrition food more affordable

A healthy diet is one of the keys to living a healthy life. However, people are less likely to buy healthy food if it is expensive. That is why obesity rates are highest among people who are living in poverty. Government agencies need to do their part by making healthy food more affordable for everyone.

Build more sidewalks

Urban sprawl is one of the culprits behind obesity. It is forcing people to become more dependent on cars. In fact, nearly 90 percent of Americans rely on cars to get them places. If there were more sidewalks available, more people would walk instead of drive. Walking is a very simple exercise that can be done almost anywhere at any time. Studies have shown that walking can greatly decrease a person’s chance of developing heart disease.

Raise the price of cigarettes

The average pack of cigarettes cost $6. That might sound expensive, but it does not seem to be deterring people from smoking. Raising the price of cigarettes would most likely cause people to think twice about smoking.

More funding for physical education programs

The number of obese children has tripled since 1970. The reason that obesity has become such a program among young people is because they are not getting the recommended 60 minutes of exercise per day. Students spend eight hours per day in school, so they need to be learning about the importance of exercise. Active children are more likely to become active adults.

Tips For Helping The Environment

The Earth was once a beautiful and safe place to live. However, pollution, ozone depletion, global warming and numerous other environmental issues are threatening the health of the earth. The good news is that if we all do our part, we can save the Earth. Below are some simple things that we can do to save the environment:

Turn off appliances when they are not in use

You can start helping the enviroment by turning off appliances when you are not using them. Every time that you leave the light or television on, energy is wasted. Additionally, you will also save money on your electric bill if you use less energy in your home.

Take public transportation or walk more

The pollution that comes from car is contributing to global warming. That is why you should consider driving less. Public transportation and walking are great alternatives to driving. If you happen to live in an area that has limited public transportation or sidewalks, you should consider carpooling with a friend a couple days out of the week.

Do not litter

Most of us have been guilty of littering at least once in our lives. However, littering is one of the main things that is destroying our planet. The trash that we throw on the ground can end up in lakes, ponds and streams. Every time we litter, we are indirectly saying that we do not care about the environment.


You also need to get into the habit of recycling. Recycling not only saves trees, but it also saves money. In fact, there are many organizations that will pay you just to recycle.
Earth is the only planet that humans can live on, so we all need to make sure that we are taking the steps necessary to protect it.  Start using organic products like HCG 1234 drops, that allow you to lose weight naturally.

Worldwide Health Change And Reform

Healthcare is the most crucial crisis facing the world today. Everyone is in dire need of adequate health care. The question is, “how do we change health globally?” That is a seriously thought provoking question because the issue of health has many dynamics. There is the physical health of countries worldwide, those third world countries who don’t have clean water, and access to a doctor which can examine, immunize and inform the people of these countries of health procedures. There is the growing population of children worldwide, who suffer from hunger. Hunger causes major health issues. What can be done? There is no one answer on how to change health globally.

Well, the organizations in place that provide the essential element of food, are working tirelessly. The work seems to be neverending. The work is needed though. America can change health globally by changing the attitude toward healthcare. Healthcare is a necessary component to life. It is not a privilege reserved for only those who can afford it. How do we change health globally? We change global health by being the example. The provision of healthcare including dentistry and provisions for eyeglasses, should be available without debate. The medical school graduates worldwide, need patients. This is a avenue that can provide healthcare worldwide. The medical school graduates need a certain amount of internship to guarantee excellence in their chosen profession. Why not advertise for patients?

Medical school graduates in America have been assigned this task, so it is not a new process. The information on how to establish this process worldwide is not given enough consideration. A journey to an underprivileged country to provide immunizations and healthcare to third world countries can provide a wealth of revelation to these potential physicians. Once the crisis of worldwide health is witnessed, the urgency of healthcare provision can be accomplished without reservation. Until then, worldwide health issues will continue to be a written statistic.